Just CBD and Cannabinoid Oil

We sell just the CBD oil. If you want to make your own products on a large or small scale, we got it. If you want to use only the Cannabinoid oils or even blend into your favorite lotion, oils, shampoo, we got ya! We sell from the gram to kilo, Cannabinoid crude which is a thick oil that is extracted from the Hemp plant, which is also known as a Full Spectrum oil. We also have oil in Broad Spectrum which is THC Free as well as Isolate which is 99% CBD and has no other Cannabinoids nor has THC. 


Crude CBD

It is a Full Spectrum thick Hemp Oil. It Contains Cannabinoids and Terpenes. Various sizes available by the gram or kilo. Call Cindy for pricing (805)391-1008. 

current count (48.17% Cannabinoids), (39.81% CBD), (2.142% THC) per COA.